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A scanner can be used to deal with the low-level reading of XML and to generate tokens for the base parser, which consumes the tokens. This approach allows the programmer to ask for the next event, or pull the next event, rather than handling the event such as in a callback. PAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEE, 12TH YEAR, LARGE ENTITY (ORIGINAL EVENT CODE: M1553). ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNOR:BEA SYSTEMS, INC.;REEL/FRAME:025192/0244, Free format text: SureChem has information on chemical patents that users can search and access through their database. Possible queries include searches by name, status, patent number, patent expiration... IFI Claims Patent Services is a division of Fairway Research, an organization dedicated to health services. These three aspects of the patent application will be derived from the patent search: meaning, the focus of the writings and claimed technology will be those areas identified in the search s novelty areas. The Grant Full Text is probably what you're looking for. The base parser can enforce higher-level well-formedness constraints, such as proper element nesting and proper namespace declaration and scoping. Since the parsers operate using certain minimum standards, JAXP can allow for the addition of one of these parsers by configuring the appropriate mechanisms. With an event stream, a programmer controls the parser rather than having to write a handler for the parser. It includes any references to prior patents, the inventor(s)') names, specification, and claims (to name a few). Handlers can receive callbacks during the processing of an XML document. ORACLE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, CALIFORNIA, Free format text: constructing an event stream from the plurality of XML events. To request access, please sign in, select either the Trial or the Custom Access option, and complete the API request form. The Unified Patent Court API allows developers to write data to and access data from the Unified Patent Court (UPC) content management system. Many modifications and variations will be apparent to one of ordinary skill in the art. It is intended that the scope of the invention be defined by the following claims and their equivalence. API Definitions Patents. means for allowing a user to request specific XML events by calling a parsing method, the parsing method placing events selected by the user onto the event stream. There are primarily two standard approaches for processing XML: (1) SAX, or Simple API for XML, and (2) DOM or Document Object Model. The API does not just define how the functions are named, but what functions there are and how they operate and how the data is structured. An iterative method can be built upon a base parser, such as a SAX or DOM parser, which allows the name of a selected element to be passed to the method. Changing the parser does not require any code recompilation. The Google Patent Search API has been deprecated. Events cannot be requested as they are needed, but are instead pushed to the user only as the events occur. A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. Our Smart Search server-based service improves accuracy, letting you find the patents most relevant to your search or analysis. Assigned to ORACLE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Use of codes for handling textual entities, Adaptation of the text data for streaming purposes, e.g. Methods included in such an API can be as follows: The streaming parser can extend the base parser and expose a single method to the XMLEventStream class. Patent Trial & Appeal Board API v2 - Supports Proceedings, Decisions, and Documents United States International Trade Commission Electronic Document Information System (EDIS) API - Partial Support (no document downloads) The same model can be used to create SAXEvents from XML events. object code executed by said processor, said object code configured to: read the XML document using a base parser and generate a series of XML events, each XML event being associated with an element in the XML document; construct an event stream from the series of XML events; and. This may be an unacceptable amount of overhead for XML processing, and may further lead to convoluted document processing code. using an iterative process to move through the document by element until the element associated with an XML event requested by the user is reached. This can be too restrictive for most application needs. The base parser can extract the selected element from the XML document and process the element such as by generating an event that can be read by a Java application. Application filed by Chris Fry, Sam Pullara. Provisional Patent Application No. I said “declarations”, not “APIs”. A SAX developer needs to extend the HandlerBase class and implement methods that require the insertion of specific logic. Field of the Invention. means for reading the XML document using a base parser and generating a series of XML events, each XML event associated with an element in the XML document; means for constructing an event stream from the series of XML event; and. 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description languages, Methods and systems for preparing extensible markup language (XML) documents and for responding to XML requests, System and method for providing post HOC access to legacy applications and data, XML purging apparatus and method using external XML validity verification apparatus, Computing system and method for allowing plurality of applications written in different programming languages to communicate and request resources or services via a common language runtime layer, JavaML: a markup language for Java source code, System and method utilizing an interface component to query a document, Method, system, and computer program product of application integration, Framework for development and customization of web services deployment descriptors, Shareable, bidirectional mechanism for conversion between object model and XML, Method, system, and computer-readable medium for communicating results to a data query in a computer network, Method and apparatus of automatic method signature adaptation for dynamic web service invocation. Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. American Management Systems, Inc. Of Fairfax, Va. The revolutionary patent analysis tools in LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® help you implement the best possible prosecution strategy to achieve success.Predict your patent prosecution outcome with the most accurate and comprehensive patent analysis software in the industry. I have a regular script running that downloads new patent filings, and looks through them for keywords like API, Application Programming Interface, Hypermedia, and other buzzwords for the sector. Hovione's APIs offer impeccable chemical purity and unique product performance. The USPTO Bulk Search And Download API allows developers to search published patent grants and applications. Each protocol has its benefits and drawbacks, although SAX presently has more momentum as an XML processing API. The processing of XML has become a standard function in many computing environments. It is possible to request a bunch of events that will be sent to a particular place and will generate a result object. JAXP makes it easier to deal with parsing tasks, and makes it possible to handle some vendor-specific tasks. Another problem with SAX is that it is necessary to have an event sent to a user. The base parser can be relied upon to handle the guts of the XML processing, forming the base class for all XML processors in the parsing paradigm, including for example the StreamParser and SAXDriver. … Particularly, IFI Claims protects intellectual property of scientific discovery using a... SureChem is a chemical patent search engine. Efficient XML processing is fundamental to the server. reading XML events from the event stream. SAX is an event-based API for parsing XML documents, presenting a document as a serialized event stream. It supercharges the portfolio analysis process by indexing every independent claim of every patent from broadest to narrowest relative to the patent's class. API Portfolio. A portion of the disclosure of this patent document contains material which is subject to copyright protection. XML documents need to be valid and well-formed. The ebXML protocol is an open XML-based infrastructure that enables the global use of electronic business information. a scanner for reading the XML document and generating tokens to be processed by the base parser. a JAXP interface allowing a user to select a base parser. One streaming parser that can be used in accordance with the present invention is based on a standard API called JAXP, or Java API for XML Processing. The JAXP API can be plugged directly into a configuration system, and can be used to select an XML parser in order to process XML. It is also possible to change handlers during the processing of an XML document, allowing the use of different handlers for different sections of a document. The extensible Markup Language, otherwise known as XML, has become a standard for inter-application communication. The self-describing text allows these messages to be understandable not only to the applications, but also to humans reading an XML document. For example, Web/Internet APIs, browser APIs, and certain product APIs. The streaming parser takes SAX events and constructs an easily manipulated event stream that is available to the application programmer. XML messages passing between applications contain tags with self-describing text. When I can make time I read through patent filings from the USPTO. The USPTO Unified Event API allows developers to discover public facing events that are sponsored or hosted by the USPTO. Read what I wrote again. Google is the clearing house for USPTO XML, via their Bulk Downloads site. SAX provides a class called “HandlerBase” that implements the callbacks and provides default implementations of the callback methods. In SAX, an event is generated every time a piece of the XML document is processed. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks, which are then put together by the programmer. allow a user to request specific XML events by calling a parsing method, the parsing method placing events selected by the user onto the event stream. A streaming parser API expands a base parser by building an iterative method on top of the base parser. Hovione provides the peace of mind of a high quality manufacturer who is a founding member of Rx-360 and has an unblemished regulatory track record. This is done at a higher level than SAX, and is much more convenient for dealing with XML data. Such a base parser can have the following methods: hasNext( ): returns a boolean value, such as “true” if the document has more elements, parseSome( ): returns the next element in the document. The USPTO OCE - Patent Litigation Cases API provides access to detailed data on 74,623 unique patent litigation district court cases filed from 1963 to 2015. JAXP allows a programmer to provide a parser as a Java system property. The iterative method can then direct the base parser to step through the elements in the document until the tag is located that corresponds to the selected element. 8, 2002, entitled “STREAMING PARSER API”, which is hereby incorporated herein by reference. The API is straightforward to use. See Patent Center Known Issues for more information. said base parser is selected from the group consisting of SAX APIs and DOM APIs. The event can then be placed on an event stream for use by an application. A streaming API can be implemented on top of an existing XML parser. Patent Center and the Patent Center Sponsorship tool will be unavailable due to systems maintenance beginning at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, January 5 and ending at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, January 5 ET. selecting a base parser for reading the XML document. FIG. The name of an element to be extracted from the XML document is passed to an iterative method built on top of a base parser, such as a SAX API or DOM parser. To move ahead with patenting software or an API, you’ll need to speak to a patent lawyer and file the appropriate paperwork. API Field Name Group Common Name Type Query Description; appcit_app_number: … That process can be expensive and time consuming, and there’s no guarantee that the patent will be approved unless it demonstrates … 2. The patent grant is mailed on the issue date of the patent. The “Office action” is a written notification to the applicant of the examiner’s decision on patentability. Access to Lens Patent API provides programmatic access to the full corpus of Lens Patent MetaRecords using the flexibility and convenience of a REST API. What is a patent? passing the name of the selected element to a parse routine; stepping through the elements of the XML document using a base parser, the parse routine directing the base parser to continue stepping through the XML document until the selected element is located; and. computer code for reading the XML document using a base parser and generating a series of XML events, each XML event associated with an element in the XML document; computer code for constructing an event stream from the series of XML event; and. DOM can also be restrictive in how it loads data into memory. A streaming API, or streaming parser, is a mechanism by which a user can request events for an XML document. The foregoing description of preferred embodiments of the present invention has been provided for the purposes of illustration and description. At first glance, DOM might seem like a preferred approach to parsing for an application developer, as the developer does not have to write specific parsing code. Each result object contains information about a patent - including - title of the patent, snippet style description, application filing date, patent status, patent number, patent assignees, thumbnail image URL for the patent, etc. This single method, such as for example streamParseSome( ), can put all the XML events generated by this call onto the stream. The USPTO Patent Assignment Search (Beta) API allows developers to retrieve patent assignment information from USPTO's assignment search database and generate XML files with the search results. A public access point to an XML processor can take the form of an interface, such as an XMLEventStream interface. The iterative method allows a user to pass a selected element type to the base parser, which can step through the XML document until it locates a matching element. A streaming parser API expands a base parser by building an iterative method on top of the base parser. A concrete implementation of such an interface or API can be in a class such as an XMLEventStream class. The scanner enforces many of the XML specification constraints, such as checking whether characters are valid or elements are well-formed. The “
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