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), I thought I’d follow up with a natural sequel. ‘Lilacs - the beautiful purple colored flowers’ is what comes to our minds at the first mention of this name! You may choose the meaning you feel is more appropriate and then go by it. Music and merriment is a very important part of the Boho culture. You might have heard this name before but might not know too many people with this name. All these photography company names are the property of their respective keeper. Comments If you love the names Louise or Lily, you will love the name Lilou, a combination of both the names. Though this name was quite rare in the ancient times, Boho culture made it really popular from the 1980s onwards. Jack Kerouac, one of the main voices of the Beat Generation, epitomizes the 50s school. Demelza is an uncommon name with Cornish etymology. A teepee altar can bring an enchanting element to a bohemian wedding ceremony. Ainsley is a baby girl name that is Scottish by origin but the name is English. Cedar is just a coniferous tree that belongs to the family of Pinaceae. Be it the beauty of the name, its meaning or the beliefs associated, Daisy is regarded as a very cute name for a baby girl. Both were on top of their fields in the 19th century. One global trend that has been becoming more popular by the year for weddings is a bohemian-inspired wedding theme, or boho for short. It got a boost after being featured in the television series Grey’s Anatomy. Parents are choosing this name confidence in the recent years, and its popularity is also rising on the baby name list. We choose Piper for its musical meaning. They are romantic, vintage and rare, but chic, smart and fresh at the same time. Boho Loves: The Wedding Hashers – Great Wedding Hashtags No Matter The Names By Boho We live in a world of Hash Tags, where the # sign preempts so much of our life. Boldness and creativity are the characteristics of the name bearers. If you wish to add some favorites to the list, leave us a comment below! Some people may find it outlandish, but we think it’s charming and distinctive. BOHO BABY NAMES WE LOVED BUT DIDN’T USE. It comes from the Old English word ‘ifig’. Jasmine is such a fragrant feminine name to its core! Tulips are one of the first flowers that bloom in spring. Don’t you feel like naming your baby daughter with this name seeing the depth in her lovely blue and dreamy eyes? Blue is the color of sky and sea. In earlier times both boys and girls were called by this name, but as a Boho name, it is mostly seen in girls. In the root language, the meaning of the name is ‘Beauty’ or ‘Grace’. EYE-La’ is a Spanish word which means ‘island’. The ancient Scottish Kingdom Dalriada is believed to be the birthplace of this name. Even though this post is only for entertainment, you might get inspired. They are the water-loving plants which need very low maintenance. Now it’s one of the top 100 names. I feel it might be due to the vivid meanings and wild imagination the name beholds. How about opting for bohemian baby names? What a refreshing, peaceful, natural and a good sounding name! A beautiful name with such lovely meanings and apt for any girl child! This name suddenly got attention when the Hollywood celebs Beyonce and Jay Z named their daughter ‘Blue Ivy’. The Greek God Zeus loved to consort with mountain nymphs. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. Its modern sound reminds us of names like Cory, Stormy, Stella, and Rory. Indigo color is a deep-purplish blue color. In fact, some names that may be considered avant-garde have featured in the U.S. top baby name lists in recent years — many of the examples below appeared in the top 100 baby names in 2016. Your donations will* help me buy: Capturing moments while running wild as the sun sets. It means ‘date palm tree’ sounds a bit odd, considering its happening namesake. It represents the sky itself. According to the Holy Bible, the Hebrew substitute of this name means ‘most highly valued’ or ‘highly priced’. Here are 25 Boho names that are super cool, but still super cute. This moniker has a lot more style, strength, and substance than most of the single syllable names. #1) Brainstorm your name ideas. It represents a perfect balance of your son’s character, adorable and strong. Another meaning of the name word sage is that it refers to a person with profound wisdom. This strong feminine name was made more famous by the girl band Indigo Girls. Well-known in the medieval legend, this moniker has a certain touching and wistful air to it. Arwen is a Welsh name that came to the forefront following the release of Lord of the Rings. Nov 30, 2020 - Explore Boho Weddings & Life's board "place names", followed by 258277 people on Pinterest. Its variations such as Poppy and Callie make it look very bohemian. This moniker sounds down-to-earth and chic at the same time. This name is quite a favorite among all the English-speaking countries. It is interesting to note that, according to, this name has ranked #81 among female names in popularity. Tags: place names, toast of leeds photography, Paul Webb Photography, Helen Cawte Photography, top tips, MOONSHINE weddings, Emma Boileau, Chickey Boston, Bunny Loves Evie, name cards, Kettle of Fish, Pebble Chic, Rob W May Photography, Andrea Ellison Photography, Gallery Thea. Lilou is pretty and straightforward, and the best part is that it can be shortened. You cannot get more bohemian than Andy, a diminutive of Andrew, which means ‘strong and manly’. The name Lydia was an uncommon name when Winona Ruder played the role of Lydia Deets in “Beetlejuice”, Tim Burton’s funny and artsy movie. No conventional meanings. It is interesting to know that this version is believed only by the people in the British Isles. At the same time, she should possess a tender and forgiving heart. This name brings to mind Miles Davis, the jazz icon. This is a three syllable world. It began to be used in the UK in the 1950s after the British television series based on Winston Graham novels. Whether it is your wedding day, engagement, anniversary or another one of those rare moments where life couldn’t be better, Nita Gladovic Photography is ready to help you immortalize those memories for you to cherish forever. The name Skye ranks high among the most prominent hippie throwbacks like Rainbow, Echo, River etc. Famous singer Kelly Clarkson and her husband chose this name for their daughter. Waverly is currently a very unique feminine name. According to Wikipedia, in Greek mythology, Calliope is the muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry; so called from the ecstatic harmony of her voice. What parent doesn’t want their kids to be blessed forever? The name continues its artistic legacy with Giotto Calendoli of Milan. So, we think that it would make a good artsy name for your daughter. When they fall in love, her father King orders Farhad to dig a canal to prove his love and after he completes the difficult task, the king convinces him that Shirin is dead. This poetic name is also the musical instrument on the merry-go-round. OH. In the year 2017, ‘Calliope’ name was ranked #813 in popularity. Professional headshots for Spotlight, Linkedin, Social media, and more. River –the water that flows in the direction it feels, which is free, refreshing, mighty, peaceful, turbulent, with unimaginable energy! It started appearing in name charts in the 1970s and since then there was no looking back. The color stands for stability and serenity and it gives mental relaxation as well as a sense of fulfillment! Though the name is biblical in origin, it rose to popularity with the much loved twitchy-nosed witch Tabitha Stephens of the 60’s sitcom Bewitched. The meaning of Cyrene is ‘sovereign queen’. While the white lilacs denote purity and innocence, violet lilacs represent spirituality, blue lilacs stand for happiness and tranquility whereas magenta lilacs behold love and passion. This moniker has a pleasant association with the word ‘leaf’. Meaning ‘noble’, Adele would make a powerful name for your daughter. The name Zest has an upbeat and energetic quality to it. This is a strong family name which had the motto “for the country often, for the king always”. The moniker is also associated with ‘briza’ the Spanish word for the cold, northeast wind. Meaning ‘youthful’, the name Julian exudes an understated confidence. Intimate Reception Table on the Beach. It was mentioned in the Bible as “the manna,” which fell from the heaven. Elizabeth Gibbs Photography. Girls named Waverly do have immense potential for greatness. Socrates was a sage in this genre. It’s a variation of Louis. Even we think it’s more attention grabbing than Lily. Girls named Skye are calm and serene. Any parents who want their child to love and live a free life without any permanent ties would definitely choose this beautiful name for their little princess. Tristan is one of the rarely used Celtic names, meaning ‘sorrowful or noise’. This moniker not just has the undercurrents of rock music, but is also associated with the acting genius Rivers Cuomo. I think this is one of the main reasons why the name hunt becomes crucial. Leonardo is artistic, but Leo is artsy. It has a Greek origin and has always found a place in the top rows of baby name popularity charts. Indigo is said to be a color associated with intuitions. Some of you who have been keeping up with me probably know that I am a sucker for baby names by now. Cool Photography Business Names Unique Outdoor & Specialty Photography Names. Saved by Rie. We must say, it’s a fresh ‘A’ beginning name. See more ideas about baby names, bohemian baby names, names. Cat would make a fun nickname potential for Catrine, especially for a family of cat lovers. It has also launched the careers of countless freelancers and artists including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Aretha Franklin. Allegra Kent, the renowned ballerina, is its most famous bearer. Willow trees are known for their slender, lush and curved appearance which makes them beautiful and fascinating. Boho names are known for their uniqueness, freshness, beauty and free spirit. comments that this name is so unique that your baby girl will not have to share her name with three others in her class! We picture this name on a teen with a paintbrush in hand. Noah Wylie, the famous writer, named her daughter Auden, and Amber Valletta gave her son this name. But the beauty of the name and the uniqueness is what makes it special and helps to accept it as a Boho baby girl name! For the rest of Europe, Iris is the Goddess of the rainbow from Greek mythology. Names used to be passed on to the generations to come. The term lyric is used for both poetry and music. If you are a bohemian-loving mommy, but want to give your son a hippie name, this one’s for you. Whether your child turns out to be an artist or a pop-culture junkie, this name would suit her perfectly. This moniker has not looked back since it featured in Charmed, the television show. William Shakespeare adopted this name for a character in Hamlet. Here we present you a cool list of twenty-five Boho girl names which are absolutely stunning. Parents who love hippy clichés should definitely go for this. This is still popular across a wide range of countries and cultures, from French to the Italians. It has its origin from the Latin word ‘Autumnus’. In the Old Testament, Delilah was the temptress who tricked Samson into revealing the secret behind his strength. This third season that comes after summer and before winter is quite a unique name for a girl child. Poor echo could not express her love for Narcissus the hunter and had to silently watch him die. You wonder what it is about three syllables? If you're still searching for inspired baby names that are beautiful and bohemian with artful refinement, then this collection of aesthetic girl and boy names is for you. Name hunt for a baby is something that starts soon after a woman realizes she is carrying. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. She should be tough and strong when battling the harsh realities of life. In the New Testament, this name appears as the name of the woman who was restored to life after her death by Saint Peter. River is a fashionable name inspired by nature. Anything flowery, colorful and free-spirited can be considered Boho. Many versions of these fables exist, but among them, the most prominent one is that this is the place where the legendary fictional King Arthur was taken to after his final battle of Camlann with Mordred. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. See more ideas about hippie photography, boho fashion, hippie style. Pay attention to bohemian wedding theme if you planning an outdoor or beach ceremony. Blue symbolizes trust, intelligence, wisdom, and confidence. He was the son of Euryale, the daughter of King Minos and God Poseidon. Christian Bale is the most popular bearer of this name. It would make an inspiring first or middle name. What makes it Bohemian is the option of nicknames it gives like Corrie, Cora, and Coral. Avalon stands for “island of paradise”. The heroine of the series was named Demelza. Ivy: Ivy is an offbeat, quirky and botanical name, referring to the climbing plant with the yellow flowers. According to the story, red tulips grew at the place where their blood touched the ground, a symbol of perfect love! The name has several connotations. Woody is a diminutive of Woodrow and means ‘row of houses by the wood’. Photography Subjects. In the Greek mythology, Orion was the name of the handsome giant. It became widespread in Europe after Saint Sebastian’s popularity. He was a sculptor, poet, and graphic in the early 20th century. The Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is the most famous artsy bearer of this classic name. A funny way of saying photo/photography. It’s spicy, sweet and musty to the nose and gives soothing and relaxing properties.
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