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THE 2020 CHICAGO HORROR FILM FESTIVAL! US/2019/95 min/MA+15 - strong supernatural themes, coarse language, and violence. The H.P. 2020 marks the 21st season of the Chicago Horror Film Festival and we are hard at work to bring our fans the best indie horror films to the safety of their home! 4 – 9 Years. S. McMullen, The Other Lamb, BEST MALE PERFORMANCE IN A FEATUREJerry G. Angelo, Artik, BEST INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR, SHORT FILMNiels, Bourgonje, Swipe. It’s Panama’s first feature-length horror movie, directed by the woman behind Sitges Film Festival’s infamous Zombie Walk! 2 Festivals. But after an earthquake creates a dire situation for the group, and a ghostly remnant of the Gold Rush past ratchets up the terror, the friends degenerate into conflict and then descend into madness. Pacesetters. 2019 Horror Movies. The Madman With Lightning In His Hands (Dir: Andrew Yeremeyev/Australia/15 min) A misanthropic man finds an unorthodox way to suppress his murderous desires. The May update had a top 10 (with Neuchatel, Nightmares & Cinepocalypse on positions 8, 9 & 10). A weird, wild and crazy misadventure made on the smell of an oily hag that merges folklore and witchcraft, think THE EVIL DEAD meets MYSTICS IN BALI. Festivals must be at least 10 years old. The Swerve is a film that, in many ways, made me feel seen. British Horror Film Festival Rules for Participation. I take into consideration in my research over 20 other lists (see below), the opportunities the festivals offer to indie filmmakers and actors (distribution offers, publicity, networking, awards, attracting reviews in relevant publications and selections/invitations to new festivals, discovering new talents, boosting the chances for getting new projects), the number of world premieres they screen (which can be an indicator for discovery festivals), the number of years running, their status in the film industry, the location, communication, hospitality, atmosphere and safety, how they make the selected/attending filmmakers feel, the size (the number of films selected and the number of audience, press and film industry members attending), the quality of the selected films, the quality of the information on their websites and social media, the entry fee, submission process and selection process, plus my own experiences with my first movie Be My Cat: A Film for Anne and other various recommendations. Include in the short cover letter the best things about your movie and yourself, to catch the programmers’ interest, like known cast & crew, past known films of yours, awards and top festivals, anything else unique or sensational about your film. Psychos, demons, witches, and vengeful spectres... A Night of Horror returns in the nightmare year that keeps on giving! I’ve mentioned the number of world premieres for most top festivals in my list, but I might not find the time to finish my research on all of them, since most do not mention it in their press releases or programs and I need to manually check out every movie. Get feedback about your final cut from people with experience in the film industry that you trust before submitting to festivals. Although Ready or Not seemed poised to be a campy D-list slasher, its biting wit, outstanding lead, and ambitious plot… Try to have a powerful beginning or one that shows potential for a powerful development and entices the viewer to watch more. 7th – 19th April, 2020. A disquieting tale of innocence torn asunder, more than just a coming-of-age, it’s a baptism by fire into womanhood and empowerment.”Dark, angry and satisfying” - UK Film Review”Flawlessly wrought with impeccable attention to detail … the darkly original film is a visual dream” - Cryptic Rock”Grotesquely creepy” - Heaven Of Horror. Otherwise chances are you will see little to no money later. In reverse chronological order and purely subjective. Two Swedish siblings, Celeste (Felice Jankell), and her older sister, Isa (Erika Midfjäll), are reunited when Isa recommends listen-ing to a ‘70s hypnosis record that improves life through magnetism. Four outcast teens, Mouse (Sarah Rose Harper), Scottie (Brandon Thane Wilson), Emily (Katie Foster), and Louis (Torey Garza), each with their own personal demons, are assigned harsh detention. The NYCHFF has grown to be a world recognized event, with industry, filmmakers, and press attention from around the globe.The Hein Family is committed to keeping the festival alive in memory of the truly missed and loved founder Michael J Hein. We are the top horror film festival in Atlanta. The future feature scaremongers are right here, right now! Her passionate, independent spirit remains with the Festival, and I’m sure she would have loved THE DEAD ONES. All the selections after the world premiere will be in smaller or at best similar festivals, never in bigger festivals. Focus initially on discovery festivals known for screening world premieres and leave the rest. “Impressive … Controversial … Certainly one that cannot be easily forgotten.” – Horror Fuel “A juddery, disorienting trip into the psyche” - Rue MorgueIn the process of re-structuring the Festival program for 2020 we were forced to drop some screenings. 2. Lucky for you Mr. and Mrs. Monster Lover, horror films are screened at festivals around the world, from Antwerpen, Belgium, to Erie, Pennsylvania (Fitting, right? 1. A good percentage of your film’s success will be about the expectation and buzz created around it. A smart, stylish, and surprising morality play on high school shenanigans, tackling shootings and bullying, with gory abandon. Programmers are very busy and might not read long letters. Fantasporto. Find them and definitely submit to those ones (keep in mind that some festivals with fees for features have no fees for shorts). A quiet woman Marlene (Cordula Zielonka), moves to Berlin to begin a new life and meets her, seemingly nice, but slightly odd, upstairs neighbour Flo (Thomas Clemens). I’ve also updated the support lists, added more submission tips for indie filmmakers at the bottom of the page and updated the existing ones. Knowing someone in the festival can help. ... Lisbon International Horror Film Festival Lisbon, Portugal 13 … the NYCHFF fills the city with special screenings, parties, celebrity guests and free giveaways. It isn’t long before the blokes’ unlikely alliance is out of control, and there’s human blood all over the floor. Do your online research and also submit to major competitions like the, The biggest and best festivals for the world premiere of your genre feature film are actually not the ones in this list, but in the top 10 of my, Online festivals and award events listed on submission platforms. Panama/2019/80 min/English subtitles/R18+ - high impact horror themes and violence. Nineteen Ninety Nine (Dir: Grace Uther/Australia/11 min) A young woman suspects something sinister is happening at a party on NYE 1999, but getting home safely is not going to be easy. Keep your genre feature film below 90 minutes if possible and never above 100 minutes. Our program is packed with award-winning films from every corner of … Keep the cover letter very short – about three phrases of essential info if possible. Best Feature Film - Scare Fest Horror Convention 2019 . Some are outright fake (the event doesn’t happen), while most are. The 15th Annual Atlanta Horror Film Festival will be held October 7 - 9, 2021 outdoors in Atlanta, Georgia. Screens with BELOW (Dir: Chance Muehleck/US/4 min) A one-shot, first-person thriller with a twist. Acclaimed feature "Be My Cat: A Film for Anne" | Coming soon: "We Put the World to Sleep" & "Dr. Frankenstein". Escape the mental entrapment about what filmmaking is. Best Feature Film - Monsters Of Horror International Film Festival 2020, Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography & Best Visual Effects - Dickens Horror Film Festival 2019, Best Feature Film & Audience Choice Award - Montevideo Fantástico 2019, “A thrilling, visually engaging close-quarters shocker” - Screen-Space, “Masterly direction, and super performances” - Gruesome Magazine, “Spine-chilling … bubbling with tension” - The Blogging Banshee. Use social media, send press releases, anything you can to ignite people’s interest and ultimately the interest of the film industry. Bram Stoker International Film Festival – Located in Whitby, England, this is a horror fan’s dream (or nightmare). Keep your short film below 10 minutes if possible and never above 15 minutes. We came into it knowing we’d be getting new films from filmmaking heavyweights like Martin Scorsese (The Irishman), Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), and Greta Gerwig (Little Women), and their efforts did not fail to live up to the hype.The year was also filled with its share of surprises from names both … Festivals must be at least 2 years old. Colored in green are the newly-added festivals & those that climbed in the top at the latest updates. The number of world premieres is for features only, excluding special/gala premieres. Best Feature & Best Director - Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival 2019, Best Feature Film - Scare Fest Horror Convention 2019, “A fusion of MARTYRS and FRAILTY” - Voice From The Balcony, “A tone poem for escapism at its brutal worst” - Mother Of Movies. For feature films, it’s very important to have the world premiere in a big festival. Australia/2020/78 min/R18+ - high impact horror themes and violence. Your next therapy session will include an adult phobia of clowns and the existential dread that comes from an app. for your regional premieres. CHICKEN & CHIPS CASTING BEST MALE PERFORMANCE IN AN AUSTRALIAN SHORTElias Jamieson-Brown, The Madman With Lightning In His Hands. Dark Water (Dirs: Erin Coates & Anna Nazzari/Australia/15 min) A deep-sea environment unexpectedly manifests in the walls of a grieving woman’s suburban dwelling. 15 Performances. You don’t necessarily need a script or a professional camera or a team or a lot of money. Thousands of them are listed on submission platforms where you put your film (private link with password) together with info about the film, and then you choose which festivals to submit to (some festivals also accept submissions via email or directly on their websites). Find your own ways. What a year 2019 has been for movies. But when the friend’s arrival is held up, the couple is entertained by his fiancé, David (Jonathan Craig), and soon find themselves in a situation far, far more terrifying than any of Chris’s pranks. He erupts into a murderous rampage, wreaking havoc on his former girlfriend, their friends, and, ultimately, creating some kind of apocalyptic pandemic. A selection of strange, striking, and spine-chilling high-end content produced specifically with online series and television series in mind. Still, these “Best Of” lists provide a unique time capsule into where the zeitgeist was at the time. Highly original, THE INVISIBLE MOTHER glides a nightmarish, darkly colourful, and blackly humorous descent into lingering supernatural weirdness, using entirely practical tricks to startling effect. But they are not alone …. Warning signs: multiple different festivals in various locations around the world or the US run by the same company or person(s) (like the numerous festivals run by Billy Adkins in the US via his company Breaking Fate Entertainment: Chicago Horror Film Festival, Indie Horror Film Festival, Horror In The Hills, Smoky Mountain Film Festival, Cinema Soup Film Festival, Laugh Or Die Comedy Fest and more), huge number of submission categories with high fees, huge number of awards given (in order to satisfy filmmakers’ ego and buy their silence), big sounding titles that have no recognition in the industry and just sound similar to established festivals, the event happens far away (different country or city) from the administrative headquarters, the festival mass-sends discount codes to filmmakers to attract more submissions, they take advantage of selected filmmakers by making them pay for promo materials, trophy, the award gala or party, the festival happens in a hotel, in the city outskirts or other improper venue/location, there’s no industry or press or even audience present besides the attending filmmakers, the films selected in previous editions have little to no online presence, the event generally looks more like a business than a film event. When you get accepted and/or win an award in an important festival, email the other festivals you are waiting a decision from and inform them about your success (but try not to bother them with too many emails). Night Fill (Dir: Joel Stephen Fleming/Australia/9 min) A man must face his biggest fear after being left alone in a grocery store during his night shift. Some festival programmers won’t watch your feature film entirely and might reject it based on the first 10-20 minutes. 10 Film Programs. When Shepard sticks to this aesthetic, the movie … In continental Europe, Asia and South America, a lot of festivals get funded from the state budget, but in North America, UK and Australia, almost all of them take submission fees, which can be as low as $2 and as high as $200 per film.
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