They are supposed to be 1.5 inches. And the herder it will be for you ever to see them. “Zebra Plecos” TFH Magazine, September 1995 “New Information on the Zebra Pleco, Hypancistrus Zebra” TFH Magazine, January 1996 Photo Credits: Top 3 pictures from Sue and Craigs New Zealand site at Bottom 4 pictures are by the author. All are first generation progeny from a group of wild caught and tank raised parents (see pictures below). The Zebra Pleco fish was discovered in 1970-80 which was denoted by L046 but later in 1991, the species gets its name as Hypancistrus zebra. The one caveat to groups is that one way males may deal with competition is the stronger male traps a lesser male in a cave and ultimately kills it. I have 16 F1s and 2 wc in a 75 gal. Generic name Hypancistrus originates from two Greek words “hypo” and “ἄγκιστρον”, which mean ‘lower’ and ‘hook’. by TwoTankAmin » Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:59 pm, Post Male and female Zebra plecos are very similar, which can confuse people. by TwoTankAmin » Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:15 pm, Post You’ll need a larger tank if you are hosting multiple Zebra Plecos, or if the Zebra Plecos are the beginning of a community tank, or if you are adding them to an existing community. Pitbull Pleco. Females tend to have more curved pectoral fins with fewer spines and are smaller in size with a more rounded body whereas the males are more streamline and have a larger and broader head, and their fins and gill covers are more pronounced. The bigger the footprint of a tank, the harder it becomes for the fry to find the food. They have parallel white and black stripes down the length of their body, starting with a “collar” behind the head. But when they finally come out of hiding, they’re sure to be the center of attention in your tank. The minimum tank size for a single Starlight Bristlenose pleco is a 20-gallon tank, but 30 or 40-gallon Breeder tanks are preferred since they have the same bottom footprint. I havent found much in the way of minimum tanks size for either pleco. If you wanted a really small pleco then this could well be the perfect choice as … Oh no, no, no. Obviously, the fish obtained its generic name “zebra” due to the similarity of its coloring to black and white one of African zebra. I read one source on the web used 15-20 gallon tanks. A minimum tank size of 30 U.S gallons (113 litres) is required and a temperature of 78 - 86 °F (26 - 30 °C). Maximum Size: 3″ Diet: Carnivorous. The Plecostomus catfish, or Pleco for short, is a name used for the … If you plan on starting small, these fish do well in tanks that can hold up to 30 gallons when they’re juveniles. The Zebra Pleco is a dwarf species of suckermouth catfish that reaches a maximum size of only 3-1/2 inches. I have a group of 4 L201s and a group of 6 L066s. Tank Size. I'm not keeping the zebras with the guppies and mollies. Setup: These fish eat plants and love wood. Common Pleco. The L066s are only 2. Hypancistrus debilittera L129 is one of many species known as a "Zebra Pleco", "False Zebra Pleco" or "Pseudo Zebra Pleco". However, to help your fish reach its full size and potential you’ll need at least 150 gallons! Hypancistrus zebra (L046) is also known as Zebra Plecos. by Jaycrict » Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:54 pm, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. It gets its name from its black and white stripes, resembling the colouration of a zebra.This species grows to a length of 6.4 centimetres (2.5 in) SL. To check for availability, please contact me. These are true Zebra Plecos. Post I was thinking of getting either 20 long or 23 long tanks for species only tanks. Plecos need a 20-gallon tank for the smaller kinds, and a much larger tank for a common pleco. I have roughly 24 caves a couple pieces of driftwood and some slate to stick in there. is a sought-after, beutifully-marked member of the Loricariidae family of South American suckermouth catfishes. Size: 1–2 feet (30–60 cm) Common Name: Common Pleco, armoured sucker-mouth Pleco Minimum Tank Size: 100 gallons (378L) Diet: Feeds on algae and plant material, use algae wafers too. I will put them all together in a 37-gallon tank until I can figure out which are males or females. The river bed has lots of stones and pebbles of various size with small grained sand between them. The first is they need a smaller tank. The plecos listed above are quite large compared to most plecos seen in the hobby. by nzac » Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:05 pm, Post I read in another thread on this site that some of you use bigger tanks 30-40 gallon tanks. What makes the common person uncommon is common sense. Zebra Pleco Care, The zebra pleco is one of the most fascinating catfish species in the world, sporting a striking black and white stripe pattern (guess how it got its name!) Some losses of adults over the years. Common Names: Zebra pleco, imperial pleco, L046, L098, L193 Type Locality: Upstream of Altamira, Rio Xingu, Brazil Range: Rio Xingu drainage Taxonomic Troubles: Variations in the striping distinguished the various L-numbers, but they were combined in the original description as one species. Unfortunately, these unique placos are also an endangered species, due to the detrimental effects of man-made dams on their natural habitat in Brazil. After that, I think I'm going to separate them into breeding pairs in their own tanks. Fishkeepers should make sure that plecos are housed in an aquarium fit for their size at maturity. What makes the common person uncommon is common sense. The zebra pleco L-046 (Hypancistrus zebra) is very hardy, does well in hard or soft water, remains small (max size around 3 inches) and is not aggressive towards other species. It also facilitated removinging eggs or wigglers. 3 are roughly 1.5 years old others are closer to 6-9 months. Post I'm just explaining how THEY eat the plants worse than any other fish I've had. And with an occasional algae wafer like you are using, I may not notice any damage to plants at all. Zebra Pleco are somewhat shy and will do best with tank mates that have a peaceful demeanor and moderate overall size. Join me for part one. At this point, you … I was thinking of getting either 20 long or 23 long tanks for species only tanks. They will be placed in a 10G together when they first arrive for observation anyway (not quite quarantine, because they won't be with other fish unless they are NOT being used for breeding). If you are buying babies there are two considerations. Sadly, plecos and bettas would definitely have aggression issues. The L270 Chocolate Zebra Pleco is a marvelously-marked nano species, and we have tank bred specimens! by Ltygress » Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:49 pm, Post Its entire body is covered in black and white/cream labyrinth-like patterns, which create a mesmerizing … If you have questions about tank set-ups, tank furniture, (caves etc) chuck them in here! Blue phantom plecos are large fish, and they require a large tank to thrive. They are dark brown or black with a fine light-colored striped pattern. If i need to down the road I will make room in a 75 for them or possibly split them if needed since they are all pretty young now.

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